About Us

A Global Leader in IT Training

Established in 1993, Koenig is one of the trusted IT training organizations in the world. Koenig is present in all continents except South America and Antarctica. Koenig has offices in USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, South Africa, Dubai, India, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Our Vision is to create a more just and prosperous world through education.

We hope to achieve this by making IT Education readily available worldwide.

Koenig and Kites (as Koenig-ites are known) are driven to earn Money, Respect and Peace of Mind for Customers (Koenig Customers) . Money, Respect and Peace of Mind have been a driving force behind Koenig's success with a pride of place in Koenig Ethos.

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Our Top Differentiator

Quality of Trainers. We are the best place to work for Trainers since 2010.

Our Unusual Offerings: (Unlikely that you will find them with other training providers)

The 1-on-1 Advantage


Flexible Dates

  • • Choose Start Date
  • • Reschedule After Booking
  • • Weekend / Evening Option

4-Hour Sessions

Our Unusual Courses

Our Credentials

30,000 Students Trained Every Month

35+ Authorizations

Best Place to Work for Trainers

29+ Years Of Services

Our Organizational Strengths which Enable Our Unusual Offerings (In case you are wondering how)

300+ In-house Trainers

In-house trainers are more committed, better trained, better equipped.
We are adding 10 Trainers every month.

In-house Labs

This reduces downtime, improves flexibility, extends practice time for students.

Economies of Scale
Global Talent Pool

Fully Automated Operations

We Serve a Global Clientele

Countries with Clientele

Understand the Koenig logo – I<O in our logo symbolizes I (us) is less than O (others). This aligns with our Customer Obsession.

Koenig is pronounced as Keenig.

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