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Digital transformation has created the need for organizations to be easily adaptable and react fast to the changing market trends. The traditional methods of project management created a bottleneck system that was a lot slower, causing delays and errors. The Agile project management gave teams and organizations the chance to work in a more optimized manner. Faster deliveries, continuous development, and improved results made Agile a key player in digital transformation. 
Agile project management certification training courses are designed to train IT managers, project managers, and developers in the Agile methodologies so that they can transform the way they work and deliver projects.



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Agile Project Management Certification Training Courses 

Agile methodology is a series of principles and methods by which organizations can become more responsive and productive. The core principle behind Agility is to keep evolving and adapting in a continuous manner. Projects completed using Agile methods are done with short iterations where they keep updating the final product based on feedback and adding more features to it with each delivery. 
This makes the entire development process a lot faster and easier to manage. It removes all the complications that existed with the traditional method of project management and optimizes processes for faster delivery of higher quality products. The certification training courses teach working professionals in the Agile principles and methodology for management, and in particular, project management. 
The Agile project management principles help teams divide the entire project’s lifecycle into smaller and more manageable iterations where the Project Manager and their team members can continuously deliver products and add and improve upon them each time. The certification training courses in Agile project management helps working professionals adopt these methodologies into their workplace and create a more efficient product development and delivery pipeline. Some of the most popular Agile project management certification training courses are:
  • AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner Certification Training Course 
  • ScrumStudy Scrum Product Owner Certified Certification Training Course 
  • ScrumStudy Agile Master Certified (SAMC) Training Course
  • ScrumStudy Scrum Master Certified (SMC) Training Course

Popular Agile Project Management Certification Training Courses


AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner Certification Training Course 

The AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner Certification training course is created for individuals and teams who want to adopt Agile principles for project management. The AgilePM certification course gives candidates deep knowledge of the principles of Agile methodology and ways in which they can adopt them into their processes. It is a five-day instructor-led training course where the developers and Project Managers work together to develop projects incrementally and manage the ways in which they can implement all the changes effectively. The certification helps Project Managers empower their teams to meet their project and business goals.

ScrumStudy Scrum Product Owner Certified Certification Training Course 

The ScrumStudy Scrum Product Owner Certified Certification (SPOC) training course is ideal for those who want the knowledge and expertise to become successful Scrum Product Owners. Product Owners are the ones who are responsible for communicating the project requirements to the Scrum Team so that they can develop and deliver the completed project on time. He is also responsible for making sure that all the requirements set by the stakeholders are met in the project. The certification training course teaches all the principles required to become a Product Owner.

ScrumStudy Agile Master Certified (SAMC) Training Course 

Companies that work with Agile principles have a higher success rate of project completion and delivery as compared to those that follow the traditional methods. The ScrumStudy Agile Master Certified (SAMC) certification training course is designed to help teams adopt Agile methods into their workplace. Agile methods employ a collaborative and iterative approach to project development and require proper training to be able to implement successfully. 

ScrumStudy Scrum Master Certified (SMC) Training Course

A Scrum Master is a certified professional who manages the Scrum Team. He is a leader and provides support to the Scrum Team and guides them to complete their projects on time. He helps implement all the project requirements provided by the Product Owner and makes sure the team works together to accomplish their goals. He is the driving force behind the Agile implementation in the Scrum Team throughout the lifecycle of the project.
A Scrum Master has many other roles and responsibilities as well. He works with the team to clear out any obstacles that they might face that could prevent them from meeting goals. He also conducts daily meetings with the team to check the status of the project and creates a work environment that enables quick and timely delivery of every iteration. He communicates all feedback and ensures it is implemented in the next iteration. He guides the project to completion. The ScrumStudy Scrum Master Certified (SMC) Training Course trains working professionals on how to obtain the skills to become a successful Scrum Master.

Who Should Take Up Agile Project Management Certification Training?

Agile project management certification training courses are designed to prepare working professionals to adapt to an Agile mindset and implement Agile methodologies into their projects and improve their existing delivery timelines and business processes. Some of the job roles that can benefit from completing this certification include the following:
  • Project managers
  • Developers
  • IT managers
  • Scrum masters
  • Product owners
  • Iteration managers
  • Aspiring Agile coaches
  • Aspiring project managers
  • Business leaders
  • Software engineers
  • Professionals who are looking to clear their relevant Agile project management certification exams

Reasons to choose Agile Project Management Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • A wide range of popular Agile project management certification courses that are industry-recognized worldwide
  • Expert Agile instructors with real-world experience to help professionals to gain a thorough understanding of achieving business agility
  • Receive Agile project management certification course materials along with pre-reading materials, practice tests, templates,  and case studies to gain a complete knowledge of the Agile concepts in an organization
  • Get Agile project management training from an accredited training partner of APMG, AXELOS, EXIN, ScrumStudy, PMI, and others to deliver them globally
  • Participants can either take up these Agile courses in 4 hours/ day or 8 hours / day on the weekdays and weekends according to their convenience 
  • Candidates can customize their Agile project management certification courses according to the business needs
  • Agile project management certification exam sample practice tests across various governing bodies to help you familiarize yourself with exam formats 
  • Get the option to take up your Agile project management certification training in different learning delivery modes, which Instructor-led live online, classroom, 1-on-1, and on-site training

Benefits of Agile Project Management Certification Training

There are many benefits that come with completing a certification training course in Agile project management, and some of them include the following:
  • Agile project management certifications enable business leaders to effectively transform their organization to make it more efficient and Agile.
  • Certification in Agile project management creates a more collaborative team model for effective project completion and time management.
  • Projects are more optimized when they are completed with Agile methods and principles, and organizations have a higher success rate with their completed projects.
  • Certified professionals have a higher chance of getting hired and getting a higher annual salary, as well as they have the skills to adopt modern methods of project management and completion.
  • The rise of digital transformation has made Agile the go-to option for many organizations for project management, which means companies are looking to hire certified professionals who can adopt this change in their organizations.

Agile Project Management Certification Process

Below are the steps to become an Agile Project Management certified professional:
  • Choose a relevant Agile Project Management certification course from a wide range of courses offered by popular vendors through Koenig Solutions
  • Select relevant Agile Project Management course schedule and mode of delivery 
  • Receive Agile Project Management course materials which include the training ppt, pre-reading material, practice test, case studies, and templates
  • Be part of an interactive instructor-led Agile Project Management certification training with role plays and hands-on sessions
  • Take up Agile Project Management practice tests to familiarize yourself with the certification exam formats
  • Create a successful career path with Agile Project Management training to get opportunities globally

Salary prospects for Agile Project Management Certified Professionals

As enterprises are adopting Agile across the organization to truly realize business benefits, it is critical for everybody from top to bottom to be on the same page. The agile transformation has become one of the key business objectives for enterprises across industry sectors. And Agile is here to stay, as it integrates with other frameworks and best practices in a seamless manner that includes Lean, DevOps, Extreme Programming, Kanban, and more. Moreover, individuals with relevant Agile credentials on their resumes stand a better chance to get absorbed than without certifications. Let’s check out the salaries of professionals with Agile project management credentials in various parts of the globe.
United States - USD 77,000 to USD 125,000
United Kingdom - Pounds 30,000 to 65,000
India - Rupees 6 lakhs to 19 lakhs 
Australia - AUD 100,000 to 150,000 
UAE - AED 180,000 to 319,000
Singapore - SGD 70,000 to 116,000

Job Prospects for Agile Project Management Certified Professionals

As organizations across industry sectors are adopting Agile into their day-to-day activities, it is critical for the workforce to have basic to expert level knowledge in the same. In this regard, individuals and enterprise teams need to get trained in various Agile project management courses according to their business needs.  Some of the top companies hiring certified Agile Project Managers include Deloitte, NTT Data Services, Apple , Costco Wholesale, Microsoft , UPMC, XTIVIA,  Nexient, Oatly Inc, Capgemini, Ahead, and more.




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