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Angular 14 Course Overview

Angular 14 certification is an official recognition for individuals proficient in the Angular 14 web development framework. This certification validates their knowledge and expertise in this open-source web app framework, proving their skills in building complex client-side applications. This certificate is widely recognized by industries, and individuals with this certification often secure jobs in web design and application development. Certification in Angular 14 underlines professionals' dexterity in handling application infrastructure, managing data binding, handling dependency injections, and modularizing through components or directives. Thus, it equips them to effectively build, optimize, and maintain web-based applications, which is a prized skill in the digital era.


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You will learn:

Module 1: Introducing Angular
  • What is Angular?
  • Central Features of the Angular Framework
  • Appropriate Use Cases
  • Building Blocks of an Angular Application
  • Basic Architecture of an Angular Application
  • Installing and Using Angular
  • Anatomy of an Angular Application
  • Running the Application
  • TypeScript Syntax
  • Programming Editors
  • The Type System – Defining Variables
  • The Type System – Defining Arrays
  • Type in Functions
  • Type Inference
  • Defining Classes
  • Class Methods
  • Class Constructors
  • Class Constructors – Alternate Form
  • Interfaces
  • Working with ES6 Modules
  • Visibility Control
  • var vs let
  • Arrow Functions
  • Arrow Function Compact Syntax
  • Arrow Function and Caller Context
  • Template Strings
  • Generics in Class
  • Generics in Class
  • What is a Component?
  • An Example Component
  • Creating a Component Using Angular CLI
  • The Component Class
  • The @Component Decorator
  • Registering a Component to Its Module
  • Component Template
  • Using a Component
  • Run the Application
  • Component Hierarchy
  • The Application Root Component
  • The Bootstrap File
  • Templates
  • Template Location
  • The Mustache {{ }} Syntax
  • Setting DOM Element Properties
  • Event Binding
  • Expression Event Handler
  • Prevent Default Handling
  • Attribute Directives
  • Apply Styles by Changing CSS Classes
  • Example: ngClass
  • Applying Styles Directly
  • Structural Directives
  • Conditionally Execute Template
  • Example: ngIf
  • Looping Using ngFor
  • For Local Variables
  • Manipulating the Collection
  • Example - Deleting an Item
  • Item Tracking with ngFor
  • Swapping Elements with ngSwitch
  • Template Reference Variable
  • Communication Basics
  • The Data Flow Architecture
  • Preparing the Child to Receive Data
  • Send Data from Parent
  • More About Setting Properties
  • Firing Event from a Component
  • @Output () Example - Child Component
  • @Output () Example - Parent Component
  • Full Two-Way Binding
  • Setting up Two Way Data Binding in Parent
  • Template Driven Forms
  • Importing Forms Module
  • Basic Approach
  • Setting Up a Form
  • Getting User Input
  • Omitting ngForm Attribute
  • Initialize the Form
  • Two Way Data Binding
  • Form Validation
  • Angular Validators
  • Displaying Validation State Using Classes
  • Additional Input Types
  • Checkboxes
  • Select (Drop Down) Fields
  • Rendering Options for Select (Drop Down)
  • Date fields
  • Radio Buttons
  • Reactive Forms Overview
  • The Building Blocks
  • Import ReactiveFormsModule
  • Construct a Form
  • Design the Template
  • FormControl Constructor
  • Getting Form Values
  • Setting Form Values
  • The Synchronous Nature
  • Subscribing to Input Changes
  • Validation
  • Built-In Validators
  • Showing Validation Error
  • Custom Validator
  • Using a Custom Validator
  • What is a Service?
  • Creating a Basic Service
  • The Service Class
  • What is Dependency Injection?
  • Injecting a Service Instance
  • Injectors
  • What are Pipes?
  • Built-In Pipes
  • Using Pipes in HTML Template
  • Chaining Pipes
  • The number Pipe
  • Currency Pipe
  • Create a Custom Pipe
  • Custom Pipe Example
  • Using Custom Pipes
  • Using a Pipe with ngFor
  • A Filter Pipe
  • The Angular HTTP Client
  • Using The HTTP Client - Overview
  • Importing HttpClientModule
  • Simple Example
  • Service Using HttpClient
  • ES6 Import Statements
  • Making a GET Request
  • What does an Observable Object do?
  • Using the Service in a Component
  • Error Handling
  • Customizing Error Object with. catch ()
  • Making a POST Request
  • Making a PUT Request
  • Making a DELETE Request
  • The Component Router
  • View Navigation
  • The Angular Router API
  • Creating a Router Enabled Application
  • Hosting the Routed Components
  • Navigation Using Links and Buttons
  • Programmatic Navigation
  • Passing Route Parameters
  • Navigating with Route Parameters
  • Obtaining the Route Parameter Values
  • Retrieving a Route Parameter
  • Routing Enabled Feature Module
  • Using the Feature Module
  • Lazy Loading the Feature Module
  • Creating Links for the Feature Module
  • Components
  • More About Lazy Loading
  • Preloading Modules
  • routerLinkActive binding
  • Default Route
  • Wildcard Route Path
  • redirectTo
  • Child Routes
  • Defining Child Routes
  • for Child Routes
  • Links for Child Routes
  • Navigation Guards
  • Creating Guard Implementations
  • Using Guards in a Route
  • Request Options
  • Returning an HttpResponse Object
  • Setting Request Headers
  • Creating New Observables
  • Creating a Simple Observable
  • The Observable.create() Method
  • Observable Operators
  • More About map
  • Piping Operators
  • The flatMap() Operator
  • The tap() Operator
  • The zip() Operator
  • Caching HTTP Response
  • Making Sequential HTTP Calls
  • Making Parallel Calls
  • Customizing Error Object with catchError ()
  • Unit Testing Angular Artifacts
  • Testing Tools
  • Typical Testing Steps
  • Test Results
  • Jasmine Test Suites
  • Jasmine Specs (Unit Tests)
  • Expectations (Assertions)
  • Matchers
  • Examples of Using Matchers
  • Using the not Property
  • Setup and Teardown in Unit Test Suites
  • Example of before Each and after Each Functions
  • Angular Test Module
  • Example Angular Test Module
  • Testing a Service
  • Injecting a Service Instance
  • Test a Synchronous Method
  • Test an Asynchronous Method
  • Using Mock HTTP Client
  • Supplying Canned Response
  • Testing a Component
  • Component Test Module
  • Creating a Component Instance
  • The Component Fixture Class
  • Basic Component Tests
  • The Debug Element Class
Live Online Training (Duration : 40 Hours)
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  • 1-on-1 Private - Select your own start date. You will be the only student in the class.

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Course Prerequisites
• Solid understanding of JavaScript and TypeScript
• Basic knowledge of web development using HTML and CSS
• Familiarity with object-oriented programming concepts
• Prior experience in Angular (any version) can be beneficial but isn't mandatory.

Angular 14 Certification Training Overview

Angular 14 certification training equips learners with a thorough understanding of the Angular framework used for crafting robust, user-friendly web applications. The course covers essentials such as components, directives, routing, and services. Participants delve into advanced topics including forms, pipes, HTTP of Angular, the use of libraries, and unit testing. The training aims at providing hands-on experience, enabling learners to effectively utilize this versatile platform for the development of single-page applications, facilitating greater career opportunities in the tech world.

Why Should You Learn Angular 14?

Learning Angular 14 course enhances web development skills by teaching how to create complex applications, improve application performance, and ensure high security. It improves career prospects as Angular is used by many companies. The mastery of this tool can lead to high paying jobs and efficient problem-solving techniques in web development.

Target Audience for Angular 14 Certification Training

• Web developers looking to enhance their skillset
• Software engineers keen on learning new frameworks
• Computer science students interested in front-end development
• Tech enthusiasts wanting to stay updated with the latest development trends
• IT professionals aiming to improve their coding efficiencies
• Companies seeking to train their employees in modern technologies

Why Choose Koenig for Angular 14 Certification Training?

- Certified Instructors with extensive industry knowledge ensure high-quality training.
- Customized Training Programs designed to match individual learning pace and requirements.
- Destination Training enables learners to receive training at a location of their choice.
- Affordable Pricing plans make professional training accessible to a wider audience.
- Being a Top Training Institute, it has an established reputation and proven track record.
- Flexible Dates make it easy for learners to fit training within their busy schedules.
- Instructor-Led Online Training allows participants to learn from the comfort of their home or workplace.
- Accredited Training guarantees recognized and valid certification for the trained skills.
- Wide Range of Courses available to help individuals upscale in different divisions of their career.

Angular 14 Skills Measured

After completing Angular 14 certification training, an individual can develop skills in creating single-page applications using Angular, working with Angular CLI, understanding Angular components, modules and services, performing unit testing, implementing data binding, and handling asynchronous programming. They can also learn about Angular Directives and Routing mechanisms, TypeScript language features, and handling HTTP requests. The users further acquire expertise in form handling, dependency injection, and integration with backend technologies.

Top Companies Hiring Angular 14 Certified Professionals

Many notable companies such as Google, TCS, IBM, Accenture, and Wipro are actively seeking Angular 14 certified professionals. These firms recognize the value of this skill in website development and user interface design, hence offering competitive salaries and numerous growth opportunities for qualified candidates.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Angular 14 Course?

The Angular 14 course aims to equip learners with comprehensive knowledge and skills for building dynamic, responsive web applications. The learning objectives include understanding the fundamental concepts of Angular 14 such as components, templates, and services. Learners will get hands-on experience in TypeScript, and learn how to create single-page applications using Angular routing. They will also gain expertise in working with web services using the HTTP client, learn techniques to handle user inputs, forms and events, and explore how to implement testing in Angular using Jasmine, Karma, and Protractor. Lastly, learners will understand how to deploy Angular applications.
Student Name Feedback
Gloria Brown
United States
A1. I found the depth of knowledge and experience of the trainer to be excellent. He was great at showing flexibility when I needed something to be explained again or I needed to troubleshoot a lab.
Nguvulu Alberto
United States
A1. For Saquib, he was amazing, I learnt enough in Angular with is approach of teaching, hope he keeps like this, and wish many successes in his career.
Justo Miguel
United States
A1. excellent teacher. He did what I was expecting. Good speech and knowledge as well. so excellent
Antonio Pimentel
United States
A1. Yes. The Trainer was very dedicated during the class. very well prepared and all materials according to the learn objectives. Saquib keep doing a very good job on Angular 14. Your dedication was very appreciated during the Class. Saquib demonstrated a good experience in Angular 14
Boa Gilmar
United States
A1. Very knowledgeable
Rabia Asad
United States
A1. Amazing Trainer. He is an asset to your company. Very knoweldgeable, friendly and patient person.
Saurabh Rajendra Bhadane
United States
A1. The way he structured the class and made the explanation of complex concepts in easy and lucid manner with good example made it a great experience learning from him.
Suhail Rizwan Shaikh
United States
A1. Nice training. I got to learn Angular for the first time. Earlier I was finding it difficult to learn angular as I tried many times. But after attending this session I can confidently create angular application. Thank you.
Soumya Krishna
United States
A1. Covered all basic concepts with examples. And gave time to implement/practice the same on local machines. Answered most of the queries.
Shobha Rani Kj
United States
A1. Training was a good learning. Trainer was professional and covered all required topics
Gilberto Pinto
United States
A1. Great, Great, Great, Saquib Manzoor, did more than the expected. He taught us and made us understand what angular really is about. He was patient and very effective and professional in the way he taught us.
Litha Carelle Makosso - Andoyelle
United States
A1. Saquib is one of the greatest learners I met. First time learning about Angular and the methodology used to explain the course, the approach used to ensure we're all at the same level of understanding, the practice exercises given on our own with solutions later were the best! Thanks for your humbleness, strong support and advises! Keep it up!
Neto Gervasio
United States
A1. Clear explanation, flow of the topics, patience with students, exercise
Naasson Fuka Lubanziladio
United States
A1. This is the training course I was expected to take to open up my career path in Angular development. Saquib has a gift to be a Trainer. Please keep him motivated through incentives of any kinds.
Joao Couto
United States
A1. Saquib has motivate the team by provide excellent exercises to complete as well using real examples.


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  • Angular 13
1-on-1 Public - Select your start date. Other students can be merged. 1-on-1 Private - Select your start date. You will be the only student in the class.
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