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Compliance management is a hot topic with businesses as rules and regulations around the same become more stringent and more transparent. Professionals with compliance management certifications can introduce the best possible measures and practices to maintain the best intentions for all stakeholders involved, ranging from internal processes to external ramifications. Compliance certification is an asset to both professionals and organizations when implemented strongly.

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Compliance Certification Training Courses 

Compliance revolves around exercising rules and regulations to maintain safe, strong and healthy working environments and output. Introducing firm compliance regulations that are not only relevant to the organization but to the industry helps businesses make the best decisions possible while maximizing opportunities for further growth. Maintaining Compliance minimizes the possibility of running into issues around scaling up as time moves forward and allows for stable and healthy growth. Here are the top certifications around Compliance on the market;
  • COBIT 2019 Foundation Training
  • ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Auditor Training
  • ISO 27005 Risk Manager Training
  • Certified Data Protection Officer: CDPO Training
  • ISO 14001 [EMS] Lead Implementer Training

Popular Compliance Certification Training Courses 

COBIT 2019 Foundation Certification Training

The COBIT 2019 Foundation training is best suited for existing COBIT Foundation Certificate holders and those new to the COBIT system alike. The basic prerequisite for the course is keen interest. The COBIT framework is employed by organizations to manage IT Compliance, rules and regulations. The course is a 2-day instructor-led training, which will also provide self-study guides to highlight concepts, models and important definitions within the COBIT framework. 
Upon course completion, professionals are armed with a wide array of skills, including recognizing the descriptions and purpose of the COBIT product architecture and understanding the need for the overall structure and its adaptation into working environments. 

ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Auditor Certification Training

The ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Auditor Training is a strong step towards building a career path in ISO 27001 compliance standards that are accepted worldwide. The course equips students with the necessary knowledge around conformance monitoring, effective auditing principles and audit process management at first, second and third-party audits. 
The course was structured by the team handling the first successful global ISO 27001 implementation. This allows students to take on a more practical and hands-on approach to ISMS auditing as an end-to-end process. Students get to participate in building exercises around role play and case studies over the duration of the course for the most comprehensive and practical training on the market. 

ISO 27005 Risk Manager Certification Training

This training offers professionals an opportunity to develop strong competencies around risk management mastery. This includes all the related assets and frameworks needed to support the ISO/IEC 27005 standards. The training course offers insight into the best practices around risk assessment, including OCTAVE, EBIOS, MEHARI, and harmonized TRA. The training course corresponds to implementation processes around the ISMS framework offered in the ISO 27001 standard. 
The course structure introduces both theoretical and practical examples around Information Security Risk Management. Lectures across the sessions include real-life case studies for more practical understanding along with practice tests to ace the certification examination. 

Certified Data Protection Officer: CDPO Training

The CDPO course structure provided by Koenig Solutions helps professionals complete the requirements around becoming a certified data protection officer. The course covers five key topics;
  • An introduction around data protection, why the subject is required, and the key data protection guidelines
  • What a data protection officer does in terms of scope of work, personal data processing and types of commonly met challenges
  • Understanding data breaches, response plans, supervisory authority and incident surveillance from a security standpoint
  • Personal data auditing 
  • Conducting a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
On completion of the CDPO course, professionals are offered the opportunity to complete the Certified Data Protection Officer (CDPO) examination, access to the Knowledge Academy’s CDPO courseware folder, and a completion certificate. This course is the ideal preparation for the Certified Data Protection Officer examination.

ISO 14001 [EMS] Lead Implementer Certification Training

Upon successful completion of this Lead Implementer certification course, professionals are able to provide the necessary expertise in order to support organizations around establishing, implementing, managing and maintaining Environmental Management System (EMS). The training offers a comprehensive understanding around the best possible practices to implement and manage EMS and reduce the overall negative impact business activities can have on the environment and internal performance. 
Completing the course allows professionals to apply for the Certified ISO 14001 Lead Implementer credential. Professionals holding the same are instantly recognized by organizations as possessing practical capabilities to adapt ISO 14001 to the organization in the best possible way.

Who can take up Compliance Certification Training Courses?

While getting Compliance certified is beneficial to all professionals, a smaller list of corporate areas strongly benefit from the professional accolade; 
  • IT Managers
  • Compliance Managers
  • Shareholders
  • Business Managers
  • Business Administrators
  • IT Administrators
  • Risk Analysis Specialists 
  • Auditors
  • Information Security Risk Managers
  • IT consultants
  • Privacy Officers
  • Information Security Officers
  • HR Managers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Aspiring Compliance Professionals
  • Professionals who are looking to sit for relevant Compliance certification exams
Reasons to choose Compliance Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions
  • A comprehensive suite of industry-recognized Compliance Certification courses provided at one place in Koenig Solutions
  • Expert Compliance instructors with real-world experience to help professionals to gain a thorough understanding of regulatory standards across various sectors and departments
  • Participants will receive a complete set of Compliance certification training resources in the form of courseware, case studies, hands-on lab sessions, practice tests, and more
  • Get Compliance certification training from an accredited Training Partner of ISACA, ISC2, ISO, and more 
  • Learners can take up these Compliance certification courses according to their convenience on a weekday for 4 hours/ day and on the weekends for 8 hours/ day time slots
  • Enterprises can customize their Compliance certification training modules according to their business needs
  • Learners can take up as many as Compliance certification sample practice tests through the Qubits platform provided by Koenig Solutions
  • Candidates can take their Compliance certification courses across four different learning modes including 1-on-1 training, classroom, live online, and onsite training.

Benefits of Compliance Certification Training Courses

Completion of compliance certification training offers a number of benefits to both the organization and the professional undertaking the same. Benefits include;
  • An overall reduced risk of non-compliance means a lower likelihood of fines and legal issues around the same.
  • Promotion of an inclusive and safe working environment that considers all professionals within the space and strict rules to maintain their safety.
  • Clear organizational policies that help employees and management understand boundaries and discouraged behavior to maintain peace and harmony within the workplace.
  • Balancing priorities and ethics to create the kind of work environment that employees look forward to contributing to.
  • Reputations are safeguarded when rules and regulations are not broached. Additionally, auditing is a clear and transparent process when there aren’t issues around the best practices. 

How to become a Compliance Certified Professional?

To become a Compliance certified professional, please follow the below steps:
  • One has to select a relevant Compliance certification course from a wide range of courses offered at Koenig Solutions
  • Select the schedule and mode of delivery that is ideal for you
  • Receive relevant compliance course materials that include the training ppt, pre-reading resource, case studies, and practice test questions
  • Take part in the instructor-led Compliance certification training with practical hands-on lab sessions
  • Participants can take up as many as Compliance certification exam practice tests to gain familiarity with different certification exam formats
  • Create a successful Compliance career path with industry-recognized certification credentials

Salary prospects for Certified Compliance Professionals

In a volatile business landscape, it is imperative that organizations are taking measures to stay safe and secure from hacking and cybersecurity threats. In such a scenario, enterprises need to have Compliance certified professionals to ensure the enterprise does not breach local and international regulatory and governance standards. There is a steady demand for Compliance certified professionals from different industry sectors. Let’s check out the salaries of compliance certified professionals worldwide.
United States : USD 72,000 to USD 142,000
United Kingdom : Pounds 35,000 to 75,000
India : Rupees 3.4 lakhs to 26 lakhs 
Australia : AUD 62,000 to 152,000 
UAE : AED 90,000 to 383,000
Singapore : SGD 60,000 to 132,000

Job Prospects for Compliance Certified Professionals

With enterprises completely deep-diving into digital transformation, it is critical for them to incorporate next-gen solutions that aid in such endeavours. And adopting the latest emerging technologies in an effective manner happens when compliance and governance standards are known to key resources within the organization who can deliver the required change towards the same.  Some of the large companies hiring Compliance certified professionals include Philips, Sendwave, Jordan & Jordan, Revolut, Oak North Bank, Atomic, Bloomberg, Citi, and more.
Do check your local job portals to find relevant job opportunities for Compliance certified professionals in your region.



Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

As part of your Cisco Security certification training,  you will receive:
  • A copy of the Compliance training course material
  • Compliance instructor-led training with case study discussions
  • Compliance sample practice test questions and answers
  • Compliance course completion certificate

As offered by ISACA, costs around the COIT 2019 Foundation training range between USD $250 and USD $400. This is dependent on membership with the organization and the chosen format to sit the course. While both methods are available online, for professionals looking to learn at their own pace, a self-learning path is offered; otherwise, guided training led by an instructor virtually could act as a firm option which will have a higher price point in the range of USD 999 to USD 1500 depending upon from where you are taking up the training from.

In order to sit the ISO 27005 Risk Manager training, students and professionals alike must have comprehensive knowledge and understanding around Risk Assessment and Information Security as well as a baseline understanding of ISO/IEC 27005.

Koenig Solutions is an accredited training provider of ISC2, AXELOS, Peoplcert, CompTIA, EC-Council, ISACA, and more to deliver their compliance certification training courses.

Different governing bodies have different test centers. But in the majority, the compliance certification exams can be taken through Pearson Vue, Peoplecert, and other respective exam platforms provided by the respective governing bodies.

There are two types of learning available for course participants through Koenig Solutions
  • Online instructor-led courses that mimic a classroom environment allowing for other individuals to participate in the learning process for a dynamic experience.
  • Onsite training is available subject to availability. For inquiries around the same, it is advisable to contact the organization directly. 

Professionals within managerial or consultant roles in environmental management should definitely look at sitting the training. Expert advisors looking to expand their skill set and master implementation of Environmental Management Systems and professionals and team members charged with maintaining EMS requirements should definitely sit the course.

While the course offerings vary based on the organizations providing the same, the IT Governance agency based in the European Union offers a five-day course around Lead Auditor Training. As credentials around Compliance tend to vary from state to state, the ISO 27001 standards are internationally standardized and a strong option for professionals looking to get compliance training.