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  • Sure.

  • Yes, you can avail one revision class post training and for some courses we can extend Lab as well for your practice after training.

  • In some of the domains exam is included with training like ,EC-council, PECB etc. , not for all courses, connect our Sales rep for more info.

  • The choice depends on organization that you are working with or are aiming to work with. It depends on which technology they are using. There is as such no comparison among all these technologies, for more info you can request for tech call with SME.

  • We have qubits section to provide you help in practicing questions.

  • There are ample of practice questions available in qubits. These questions are prepared by industry experts, which will help you to clear the exam.

  • It depends on OEM, some of them provide participation certificate however you will get participation from koenig where OEM doesn’t provide it.

  • It is GTR at your on preferred schedule. It is will be executed irrespective of any other participant joining same group.

  • Click on co-student link to know existing number of participants.

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