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Module 1: Introduction
  • Introduction to TensorFlow
  • Architecture of Tensorflow
  • Installation on Local Machine
  • Using TensorFlow in Google Colab
  • Working with Tensors and Operations
  • Keras Low level api
  • From Biological to Artificial Neurons
  • Different activation functions
  • What is perceptron?
  • Multilayer perceptron and back propagation
  • Working with sequential api
  • Working with the functional api
  • Using callbacks
  • Tensorboard for visualization
  • Challenges of Deep Neural Network
  • Vanishing and Exploding gradients
  • Glorot and He Initialization
  • Non Saturating Activation Functions
  • Different activation functions effect on deep neural nets
  • Batch normalization
  • Reusing the pre-trained layers in Neural nets
  • Faster optimizers
  • L1 and L2 regularization
  • Dropouts and their purposes
  • The data api
  • Chaining transformations
  • Pre-processing the data
  • TFR record format and compressed files
  • Introduction to protocol buffer
  • Processing the Input features
  • TF transform
  • Tensorflow datasets project
  • Inspiration to the CNN
  • Architecture of CNN
  • Convolution layers in CNN
  • Filters in CNN
  • Pooling layer in CNN
  • Depth pooling in CNN
  • Different architectures of CNN
  • Single neuron RNN
  • Working with RNN neural network
  • Input and Output Sequences in RNN
  • Introduction to Deep RNN
  • Forecasting using RNN
  • Unstable gradient problem
  • Architecture of LSTM
  • Architecture of GRU
  • Introduction to Natural Language processing
  • Shakespear text generation using char RNN
  • Stateless and stateful RNN
  • Concept of sentiment analysis
  • Encoder and Decoder Network for Neural Machine Translation
  • Pre-processing required for encoder and decoder
  • Concept of Beam Search
  • Overview of attention mechanism
  • Introduction to Autoencoders and GAN
  • Efficient data representation
  • Dimensionality reduction using autoencoders
  • Introduction to stacked autoencoders
  • Training one autoencoder at a time
  • Recurrent autoencoders
  • Sparse autoencoders
  • Generative adversarial networks
  • Deep Convolutional GANs
  • Introduction to reinforcement learning
  • Learning to optimize rewards
  • Policy Search
  • Introduction to OpenAI Gym
  • Neural Network Policies
  • Credit Assignment Problem
  • Markov Decision Process
  • Q Learning
  • Deep Q Learning

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