Intoxicating Feedbacks

Nothing pleases us more than when Kustomers (our ultimate employer) appreciate our efforts. Great Feedbacks are truely intoxicating.

Gratitude to trainers for such feedbacks. We are truely proud of you.

Date Feedback
07 Jun 2022

A2) Keep up with the good work
A3) Yes, it will.
A4) Nothing to add
A5) Practice on sample questions and ask for clarifying as much as possible.
02 Jun 2022

A2) Ravi was very thorough and patient. He explained all the concepts in a very basic way.
A3) Gain knowledge. And definitely Money, Respect and Peace of Mind.
A4) CCNA for beginners should be for longer duration. 5 days were not enough to complete the whole course and some topics were left due to shortage of time.
A5) Some pre study is required for beginners.
25 May 2022

A2) Keep on like this
A3) Sure
A4) Always include exam vouchers with courses
A5) Get to course in time and do not be late
04 May 2022 Session is going great. The Instructor provides enough details and explanations
03 May 2022

A2) Vandana explains very well, takes time to access students understanding. She has good expertise on the topic she is teaching.
A3) This course will help me saving my time learning through self study. I am confident that I have gone through the topic. Definitely helps with peace of mind ??
03 May 2022

A2) She is really good and the transfer of knowledge and answering of questions were done, professionally
A3) Yes
A4) Keep hiring competent trainers
A5) Koenig will provide a highly enlightening and conducive process. Come with an open mind
02 May 2022

A2) Varun was really helpful with providing examples to better explain the concepts in the course.
A3) Yes, peace of mind specifically.
A4) My experience with Koenig was great. Varun was very professional and flexible. He moved thought the course content at a good pace.
A5) Review the course content and provided reading material prior to the class.