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With ever-increasing security breaches in enterprises globally, it is leading to loss of revenue and reputation. Hence, it is critical to introduce a robust IT Security framework in place to negate such incidents. In this regard, ISACA, also known as Information Systems Audit and Control Association, helps individuals and enterprises across industry sectors by equipping them with the updated skills, education, and credentials to advance in their careers, gain knowledge in IT Security and Governance, and transform their organizations.
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ISACA Courses

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ISACA Certification and Training Courses Overview: 

Organizations across the globe have understood the importance of running processes and streamlining the workforce with respect to IT Security frameworks and methodologies. ISACA is one such governing body that introduced COBIT, CISM, CRISC, CISA, and other popular IT Security and Governance courses.  Previously COBIT 5 was and is a very popular framework even today. But, recently, ISACA updated their COBIT framework to the latest version in COBIT 2019.
ISACA courses are not just ideal for IT or tech-related industries; the COBIT framework is universal in its application and can be applied to any industry irrespective of the sector it belongs. With enterprises focusing more on governance, risk management, control, security, and audit, it is critical for them to have professionals who are experts in the same. In this regard, ISACA introduced various courses that address the transformative need of the enterprises to be competitive and relevant for the future.



Popular ISACA Certification and Training Courses

Some of the popular ISACA certification and training courses are listed below:
1- COBIT® 2019 Foundation Certification Training:
Professionals who are interested in the IT Security aspect of an organization know that COBIT is one of the popular frameworks used globally. And the latest iteration of COBIT in COBIT 2019 has brought much-needed change to the previously used COBIT 5 framework.  COBIT 2019, as a framework provides individuals and enterprises the guidance to create a governance system that aligns with other international standards, regulations, and frameworks. With COBIT 2019 Foundation certification training, participants will learn the fundamental aspects of creating an Agile governance system and the latest practice in Enterprise Governance of Information and Technology (EGIT).  
2- CRISC® Certification Training:
CRISC certification training is one of the popular courses from the house of ISACA. CRISC, known as Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control, is a certification training that helps professionals to identify and manage enterprise IT risk along with implementing and maintaining information systems control.  Participants who take up the CRISC certification training will help to gain credibility and showcase their commitment towards a career in the IT security domain. This CRISC training is highly beneficial for Risk Management and cybersecurity professionals.
3- CGEIT Certification Training:
The CGEIT certification training is quite a popular certification course among IT security professionals across industry sectors. Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT®) certification training helps professionals to gain a mindset that helps them to design, implement, and manage IT governance systems which is aligned to enterprise business requirements. As CGEIT is a neutral framework with regards to IT Security and Governance, any organization can implement and adopt CGEIT to achieve excellence in IT operations and other activities.
4- CISA Certification Training:
The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA®) is a popular IT auditing certification training opted by professionals worldwide. Participants taking part in the CISA certification training will gain a thorough understanding of auditing, monitoring, controlling, and assessing an enterprises' IT and business systems. Today, CISA certified professionals are some of the most sought-after and highly-paid individuals. The CISA Certification course is ideal for anybody who is looking to grow in IT careers.
5- CISM Certification Training:
The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®) widely-recognized IT security certification course for professionals and enterprise teams globally. Participants taking up the CISM certification will learn skills in IT governance, risk management, incident management, and program management in an enterprise. Moreover, the CISM Certification course is ideal for mid to senior IT professionals who are looking to forge their careers in IT Security and Control.

Who can take up ISACA Certifications?

Job roles that can benefit from ISACA certifications are:
  • IT Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Managers
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Regulators
  • Security Consultants
  • Program Managers
  • Security and Compliance Professionals
  • GRC Professionals
  • Security Auditors
  • System Security Architects
  • Information Security Managers
  • ISO Professionals
  • Network Architects
  • Anybody who wants to gain a proper understanding of ISACA's popular certification courses
  • Professionals looking to clear their relevant ISACA certification exams

Reasons to choose ISACA Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • All ISACA courses provided for professionals and enterprises across various categories such as Information Security, Governance, Compliance, Cybersecurity, and more
  • Expert IT Security and Governance trainers who deliver instructor-led training worldwide
  • Key resources provided with case studies developed by practitioners with real-world experiences in implementing IT security frameworks globally
  • Get ISACA training across the globe from an Accredited ISACA Training Partner 
  • Professionals have to option to take up their ISACA training as 8 hours/day or 4 hours/day time slots
  • Get customized training and pick and choose modules for your ISACA training that meet your actual business and learning requirements for your teams
  • Get dedicated attention for your ISACA training with 1-to-1 training and Fly-me-a-trainer options
  • Be part of 'Guaranteed to Run' ISACA training sessions with 'Exam Pass Guarantee'

Benefits of ISACA Certification Training

  1. Demonstrate and validate your skills in the latest IT security and governance best practices
  2. Help enterprises to adopt and implement IT security and governance frameworks that align with business goals
  3. Understand how to use IT security-related tools and processes to help enterprises and professionals to undergo a significant cultural change with regards to how they deliver their products and services to customers
  4. Enhance the scope of your career with some of the most popular IT Security / Cybersecurity certification courses that include COBIT 5, COBIT 2019, CISA, CISM, CRISC, CGEIT, and many more
  5. Achieve a minimum of 22% hike on your salary with ISACA certification credentials and a 70% improvement in your on the job performance
  6. Embark on a successful career path with ISACA certification courses that help to address your credibility in interactions with stakeholders, regulators, and peers
  7. ISACA certified professionals do have a high probability of being retained than non-certified counterparts
  8. Showcase your expertise to assess enterprise vulnerabilities, security, and control mechanisms

ISACA Certification Process

  1. Professional can gain ISACA certification by taking up any one of their highly popular training programs in the IT Security and Governance category. Below are the steps to become an ISACA certified professional:
  2. Pick a relevant ISACA course that you feel will deliver the most value
  3. Choose a schedule that meets your requirements and time slots accordingly
  4. Prepare for your actual ISACA training by going through the pre-reading materials provided by Koenig Solutions and ISACA governing body
  5. Attend your ISACA training and clear your doubts and start preparing for the certification exam
  6. Prepare for your ISACA certification exam by taking up as many as sample practice tests
  7. Become an ISACA Certified Professional to take your IT Security and Governance or Cybersecurity career to the next level

Salary prospects for ISACA Certified Professionals

There is an excellent demand for ISACA certification courses by professionals and enterprises to navigate in this challenging digital business environment. Let's take a look at the salary prospects of ISACA Certified Professionals.

United States

USD 99,000 to USD 135,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 45,000 to 67,000


Rupees 7 lakhs to 20 lakhs 


AUD 80,000 to 122,000 


AED 171,000 to 303,000


SGD 42,000 to 93,000


Job Prospects for ISACA Certified Professionals

ISACA certifications are prevalent among IT professionals and enterprises worldwide. There are nearly more than 200,000+ ISACA certified professionals who are spread across 188 countries. Some of the companies that are actively hiring ISACA certified professionals include Google, Robert Half, The Griffin Groupe, Sabre, IBM, ITA International, Infinera, John Deere, VMware, Reliance, Nokia, and many more. Check out your local job listings to find ISACA-related certification credential job prospects in your region.
Student Name Feedback
Mohammed Awwad Al Nefaei
United States
Yes, he has all the thanks and appreciation
Jean Sauveur Rukundo Mizerere
United States
Once I get the CISA certificate I will be able to earn more at my current job or Get offers related to IS Audit with good amount of money.
Pascaline Umuhire
United States
among the plan provided to the students, you can include a full day of going into Q/A this will help very much by promoting chances of succeeding.
Antonio Chesseman Neto
United States
A1. Keep on pushing for his students, showing them the path to learn more and more
Awa Yusuf
United States
A1. The trainer was interactive and made the training quite interesting and engaging. He was able to ensure concentration and attentiveness throughout the session through frequent engagements. I liked the way the trainer used relatable examples to explain concepts, this helped to facilitate better understanding.
Vinay Sharma
United States
A1. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from him. Sessions were "excellent".
Gopinath Peethambaram
United States
A1. The trainer is very knowledgeable and very thoughtful. He is very supportive and kind. He has given me more confidence in conducting Q&A practice sessions after completion of every section of the subject. He explained the concepts clearly and made me understand them very well. Thanks to Kuldeep.


No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

The cost of some of the popular ISACA certification exams are:
  • The cost of the COBIT 2019 Foundation Certification Exam is USD 175
  • The cost of the CISA Certification Exam is USD 575 for ISACA Members and USD 760 for Non-Members 
  • The cost of the CISM Certification Exam is USD 575 for ISACA Members and USD 760 for Non-Members
  • The cost of the CRISC Certification Exam is USD 595 for ISACA Members and USD 725 for Non-Members
  • The cost of the CGEIT Certification Exam is USD 470 for ISACA Members and USD 650 for Non-Members
ISACA stands for Information Systems Audit and Control Association. They provide some of the best of industry-standard certification courses in IT Security, Governance, Compliance, Audit, Risk Management, and more for both professionals and enterprises. In today's day and age of high-security breaches on a daily basis, enterprises need to build a robust security framework to thwart any untoward incidents for an enterprise or from an individual within. In this regard, ISACA has introduced various standards, frameworks, and certification courses for professionals to align themselves with the latest security best practices.

Participants can take up their ISACA certification exams at PSI, which is an accredited ISACA testing center. Currently, all exams from PSI will be only web-proctored online exams.

A big yes, with an increase in cybersecurity breaches and loopholes in enterprise IT and information security architecture, it is of paramount importance to fix it immediately. In this regard, the ISACA certification courses are popular for the same reason as they help professionals to gain skills to act on security breaches and ensure the damage is minimal and also help enterprises to create mechanisms within to avoid such incidents proactively. Moreover, ISACA certified professionals are absorbed quicker than any other certification credentials. With higher importance given over IT Security and Governance in an organization, it is quite normal for ISACA certified professionals to be in high demand across the globe and also receive better salary remuneration than others.
Yes, Koenig Solutions is an Accredited ISACA Training Partner to deliver their certification courses across the globe.

No, the knowledge gained through ISACA training can be implemented in organizations across industry sectors. The framework, methodology, and best practices prescribed by ISACA across their certification courses are neutral and anybody and any industry can pick and choose what they want to implement and how professionals need to adopt the culture accordingly in their work activities.

Various popular ISACA courses have different prerequisites to take up their training programs. Below are some of the prerequisites for their popular courses.
COBIT 2019 Foundation:
There are no prerequisites to take up COBIT 2019 Foundation certification exam. However, it would be beneficial if participants have experience in the IT security domain.
CISA Certification:
5 years of work experience in IT security, information systems auditing, and control.
For more information on the 5 year experience break up, please visit the CISA Certification Training page from the course list given above on the this page.
CISM Certification:
5 years of experience in 3 or more domains of information security management as prescribed by ISACA.
For more informati
No, COBIT 5 Foundation training is not necessary for participants to take up COBIT 2019 Foundation training. As COBIT 2019 is the latest version, participants can take up this training directly from accredited ISACA training partners.
Most of their foundation-level courses, such as COBIT 2019 Foundation and COBIT 5 Foundation certifications, are valid for a lifetime. Whereas their CISM, CISA, CRISC, and CGEIT certifications are valid only for 3 years and one has to earn relevant CPE units to keep their certifications relevant.
To get your ISACA certification exam voucher, you need to first attain the necessary prerequisites in IT and information security experience and relevant training accordingly for your certification exams. You can become an ISACA member and then upload your experience to sit for your certification exam. Upon reviewing your experience, ISACA will provide you the exam voucher to take your ISACA certification examination.