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Over the years, IT has become operational as a service, which is why it needs to be incorporated across the entire organization to make use of its functionalities to achieve optimal processes and results. ITIL® is a set of best practices, procedures, and frameworks that address the needs of IT service management, and a certification in the same can be highly beneficial for IT professionals, program managers, project managers, and more to advance their careers. Especially in its latest version, change from ITIL® V3 to ITIL® 4 was done to ensure they address the latest trends in digital transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Check out the dates below to enrol for the ITIL® certification training of your choice.


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Samson Mshelia United States A1. Brilliant and very experienced trainer, your ability to transfer knowledge in the way you did is commendable. You made a routine course relevant and important to me.
Adam Flatau United States A2. Koenig is above it's competitors in accommodating students where it fits their schedule. Very flexible and loaded with capable teachers
Richard Mbogo United States A2. Its just doing more than only providing training courses but bring positive impact to the society and humanity by producing best professionals on technology industry.
Sarah Mohammed Alghamdi United States A1. The training team (trainer and support/assistance) is just wonderful. They're there to help learn and build skills, and they do that amazingly well! Everything is put in place to ensure the learner gets the best experience from the training. I'll take a ride with Koenig in the future again.
Jeffrey Gordon United States
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ITIL® Certification Training Overview

ITIL® is one of the most widely used frameworks for ITSM practices. The set of principles, practices and frameworks that come under ITIL® are best suited for organizations who want to adopt IT service management for their enterprise to drive improved results. ITIL® certification training courses have become high in demand due to the high levels of ROI for the same. 
Companies are investing in their employees to become ITIL® certified practitioners and they are always on the lookout for more candidates who have the certification already so that it saves them time and resources that would have gone in training employees. There are four levels of ITIL® certifications, which determine the level of expertise of a working professional. These levels are:
  • ITIL® 4 Foundation
  • ITIL® Intermediate
  • ITIL® Practitioner
  • ITIL® Expert
ITIL® 4 is the latest release by ITIL® which encompasses all the recent changes that have occurred in the world of technology. The most recognized certification training courses in ITIL® 4 are:
  • ITIL® 4 Foundation
  • The ITIL® 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan, and Improve - (Official)
  • ITIL® 4 Specialist Create, Deliver and Support - (Official)
  • ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transitions - (Official)
  • ITIL® 4 Digital and IT Strategy - (Official)


Popular ITIL® Certification Training Courses

1- ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Training

The ITIL® 4 Foundation certification training course is a foundational level course for learners to gain introductory knowledge of ITSM practices that come with the implementation of ITIL® frameworks. This certification is for beginners who want to know more about how the ITIL® framework works and how to use it to enhance their ITSM processes.
The ITIL® 4 Foundation certification course teaches learners the guiding principles of ITIL® 4, and the different dimensions of service management. The certification course also focuses on Agile and Lean concepts in terms of iterative approaches to development and deployment and how they can deliver business value. Since this is a foundation course, there are no prerequisites for candidates to be eligible.

2- The ITIL® 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan, and Improve - (Official)

TheThe ITIL® 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan, and Improve - (Official) certification is created for IT professionals and managers who want to gain more expertise on a strategy level of implementation of ITIL® frameworks. This ITIL training course is ideal for all those who want to implement ITIL® methods in their ITSM and general IT strategies so that they can create more efficient and productive organizations. The course trains leaders and professionals and equips them with the skills to maintain the alignment between IT operations and business goals.
The certification course trains individuals with risk management principles, governance, continuous improvement objectives, reporting and measurement techniques. The only prerequisite required for this certification is for candidates to have completed the ITIL® 4 Foundation certification training course.

3- ITIL® 4 Specialist Create, Deliver and Support - (Official)

The ITIL® 4 Specialist Create, Deliver and Support - (Official) certification training course is made for working professionals who want to learn more about the integration processes of multiple value streams and activities. This way, certificate holders can successfully work with IT-enabled products and services to deliver products of value.
The certification training course teaches learners about the Service Value System and Value Systems introduced in ITIL® 4 and how to incorporate it, as well as different ways in which professionals can use ITIL® 4 to create, deliver and support services that drive value.

4- ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transitions - (Official)

The ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transitions - (Official) certification training course is to help working professionals who have already certified in ITIL® v3 and want to stay updated with the latest ITIL® knowledge and skills. This is a transition certification that recognizes the previous achievements of the learners and acknowledges them to help certification candidates with the latest means to create and deliver stakeholder value.
The candidates applying for this ITIL certification training program need to be at an Expert level certification in ITIL® v3 or have at least 17 credits in their v3 certification.

5- ITIL® 4 Digital and IT Strategy - (Official)

The ITIL® 4 Digital and IT Strategy - (Official) certification training course is designed for those working professionals who want to gain more expertise at developing intelligent strategies so that they can successfully overcome any disruptions that come with new technologies. The certificate holders will know how to efficiently handle all the challenges that come with service management for IT.
The certification training program addresses the upcoming needs of strategic concepts involved in ITIL® frameworks to meet business needs with the help of IT processes. The different concepts that learners address in this certification training course are project and portfolio management, continuous improvement, architecture management, risk management, relationship management, strategy management, and more.

Who can take up ITIL® Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from ITIL® Certification Training are:
  • IT Professionals
  • IT consultants
  • Project managers
  • Program managers
  • Business managers
  • IT team members
  • IT Support teams
  • Application managers
  • Technical support engineers
  • Service support engineers
  • IT managers
  • Business managers
  • Business process owners
  • IT directors
  • Beginner Level IT Professionals
  • Professionals looking to clear their relevant ITIL® 4 certification exams

Reasons to take up ITIL Training from Koenig Solutions

  • Get a comprehensive range of both ITIL® 4 and ITIL® V3 certification training courses for individuals and enterprise teams
  • Get accredited ITIL® training materials that include relevant ITIL® courseware, practice tests, ITIL® templates, case studies, and more
  • Expert ITIL® trainers with consulting and real-world experience to help individuals and businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of ITIL® concepts and best practices
  • Be part of ITIL® certification training from a Certified AXELOS Partner to deliver ITIL® courses worldwide 
  • Flexibility to join either 4 hours /day and 8 hours/day time slots for your ITIL® v3 and ITIL® 4 certification training
  • Option to customize your ITIL training according to enterprise team needs
  • Achieve letter of attendance with relevant PDUs/ CEUs for ITIL® certification training
  • Excellent 'Guaranteed to Run' ITIL® Certification Training sessions with 'Exam Pass Assurance'

Benefits of ITIL® Certification Training

  1. Koenig Solutions is currently offering both ITIL® V3 and ITIL® 4 certification training programs. ITIL® certification training courses offer benefits to both working professionals as well as organizations. Companies can streamline and improve their final products and services once they start using IT as a service management tool instead of a separate department. Some of the benefits of getting an ITIL® 4 certification are:
  2. Candidates can stay current with the latest trends in technology and be aware of the different and upcoming developments.
  3. Organizations can improve their productivity and the efficiency levels of their project deliveries as well as overall operations when they implement ITIL® frameworks.
  4. Candidates who obtain an ITIL® certification have more job opportunities available to them once they have certified at higher levels.
  5. ITIL® certification holders are also liable to get paid more on average than their non-certified counterparts. This is because organizations prefer hiring already certified and trained individuals instead of working with those who need to be trained, so they do not mind paying more instead of investing time and resources in training them.
  6. Change management, continuous improvement, and improved efficiency are all drivers of the ITIL® framework, which is something that organizations are always on the lookout for. This is why ITIL® certifications are considered valuable.

Salary prospects for ITIL® Certified Professionals

ITIL® is a popular IT Service Management framework used in enterprises globally. In this regard, there is an excellent demand for ITIL® certified professionals who can deliver quality IT services and manage incidents with quick resolution. So, let's take a look at ITIL® certified professionals' salary prospects around the world.



United States

USD 52,000 to USD 158,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 27,000 to 44,000


Rupees 5.50 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs 


AUD 59,000 to 149,000 


AED 55,000 to 258,000


SGD 79,000 to 129,000


Job Prospects for ITIL® Certified Professionals

There is increasing adoption of ITIL® best practices in enterprises across industry sectors. That being the case, there is a great demand for ITIL® certified professionals. Some of the top companies hiring professionals with ITIL® certification training include Vanguard, Microsoft , Accenture, Amazon, IBM , Capgemini, Cognizant Technologies, Wipro, Infosys, Unisys, Themesoft, PNC, ManTech, Berkeley Research Group, and more.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

Yes, the ITIL® v3 certifications will continue to stay valid, even though the ITIL® 4 certifications have been launched.

Yes, ITIL® in its latest iteration ITIL® 4 is certainly worth it for today's professionals and organizations on the whole. There are many certification training courses available for working professionals and beginners in ITIL® to increase their scope of knowledge and expertise in ITSM. There are multiple levels of certification training courses available for ITIL® , starting from the foundational level till the expert level. These certification levels validate the skills and expertise of working professionals with ITIL® practices and are highly recommended.

There are no prerequisites required to be eligible for the ITIL® Foundation certification exam since it is a beginner level course.

The ITIL® ® 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan, and Improve - (Official) certification exam has only one prerequisite to be eligible. The candidates need to have an active ITIL® 4 Foundation certification.

ITIL® 4 is nothing but a gradual transition from ITIL® V3 version. ITIL® 4 has been developed considering the rapid changes in the business landscape and to accommodate key concepts that include Lean, Agile and DevOps to deliver business value. In a way ITIL® 4 helps participants to take a look at their existing ITSM processes to create, deliver, and continually improve IT products and services. This ITIL® 4 Certification training is ideal for anybody who is looking to gain a thorough understanding of the ITIL® framework, how ITIL® is implemented in an enterprise, and be part of an enterprise that has already adopted ITIL® in a major way.

There is only one requirement for candidates to be eligible for the ITIL® 4 Specialist Create, Deliver and Support - (Official) certification exam, which is to have passed the ITIL® 4 Foundation exam. They also need to have completed the mandatory training required for the certification.

ITIL® certifications do not expire. They are valid for a lifetime.

If one completes an ITIL® Foundation certification, the average salary for them on an annual basis is upwards of $88,000. This number only increases as the certificate holders increase their level of expertise in the ITIL® framework.

In case your organization is planning on shifting to ITIL® 4 from ITIL® v3, the company's IT professionals and ITIL® certified professionals need to work together to analyze how feasible the shift will be. While the shift might be the obvious choice because ITIL® 4 is the latest version, it is highly recommended that companies work with certified ITIL® 4 professionals to make the transition a lot smoother.

The certification exam for ITIL® Foundation course is a multiple choice exam with 40 questions, and the minimum passing percentage is 65%. The exam consists of 40 questions and candidates have 60 minutes to complete it.

IT professionals, project and program managers, and all those who have been certified at an expert level with the ITIL® v3 certification course can transition to ITIL® 4 with the help of this certification training course.

If one has the ITIL® v3 certification and wants to transition to ITIL® 4, they simply have to opt for the ITIL® 4 Foundation course and complete the certification exam.