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In a day and age where Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are gaining immense popularity, it is critical for individuals and enterprises to invest in Machine Learning certification training to gain sufficient knowledge in this emerging technology. Artificial Intelligence is all about mimicking human responses, and Machine Learning is a subset of AI, which is more towards training a machine how to learn. The Machine Learning training courses are ideal for professionals who are looking to gain a proper understanding of what Machine Learning is all about, Statistical Patterns, and various ML models, and how to apply them in real-world scenarios.

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Machine Learning Certification and Training Courses: 

In a complex and challenging business landscape, enterprises failing to adopt emerging technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be left behind or will face a slow extinction. Gone are the days when enterprises thought of why fix something which is not broken, but, in today’s scenario, traditional businesses are facing the brunt of next-gen companies that have already migrated by incorporating these emerging technologies to gain new business and also to future-proof themselves to meet complex demands worldwide. 
Today, Machine Learning has its application in almost all the apps we use and various devices to go with. And with the amount of data that we generate on a daily basis, Machine Learning with its algorithms will provide an experience like never before. As everything happens on the internet, bots collect relevant information about your likes and dislike to deliver a personalized experience. Businesses take the help of Machine Learning to deliver services in a seamless manner to create utmost customer satisfaction.
To gain a proper understanding of popular Machine Learning certification courses, participants should have prior knowledge of programming languages like Python and R, understanding of probability and statistics, and data analysis to understand patterns and variations.  Today, Machine Learning has gained immense popularity among enterprises across industry sectors globally, which has led to high demand for certified professionals. At Koenig Solutions, we offer some of the best Machine Learning certification courses that individuals and enterprise teams can take up to gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and best practices.

Popular Machine Learning Certification Training Courses

1- Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure (DP-100) Certification Training:
This DP-100 Designing and Implementing Data Science Solution on Azure certification training provides learners an understanding of operating machine learning solutions on the cloud by using Azure ML. Participants will also learn how to leverage existing knowledge of Python programming language with machine learning to data model training, data ingestion, creating ML solution monitoring on Microsoft Azure, and deployment. This Microsoft Azure DP-100 course is ideal for professionals who are data scientists and know various programming languages such as Python and R along with ML frameworks that include pytorch, Tensorflow, SciKit-Learn, and more.
2- Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution (AI-100) Certification Training
This 3-day Designing and Implementing Azure AI Solution training provides participants an understanding of designing Azure AI solutions by building customer support chat bots using AI from the Microsoft Azure platform. Participants will also learn to use various cognitive services, data mining, and machine learning to implement Microsoft AI solutions. This Microsoft Azure AI-100 course is ideal for Azure AI designers, cloud solution architects, and AI developers. By attending this Designing and Implementing Azure AI Solution course, participants will gain the requisite knowledge to clear their AI-100 certification exam on their first attempt.
3- Machine Learning (Data Science) with Python Certification Training
Through this Machine Learning with Python certification course is a foundation level course that helps participants gain an understanding of the basics of machine learning along with Python programming that is required to work on various machine learning concepts. Participants will also learn about different types of data to work with by using statistical distributions along with reinforcement learning. This Machine Learning with Python certification training course is ideal for data analysts, business analysts, data scientists, and anybody who is interested in understanding Machine Learning concepts.
4- Cognitive Services and Deep Learning: Microsoft Cloud Workshop Training
This Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Cognitive Services and Deep Learning training course provides participants a proper understanding of pre-built AI (cognitive services) and custom AI (Azure machine learning services). Participants taking part in this 1-day Cognitive Services and Deep Learning course will also learn about designing and implementing a text analytics pipeline for creating solutions to handle unstructured data. You will also learn about deploying various types of predictive services using Azure Machine Learning and integrating them with Text Analytics API and Computer Vision API from Cognitive Services. This Microsoft Cloud Workshop (40530-G) is ideal for cloud architects, solution architects, and IT professionals who have experience in designing and implementing cloud technologies.
5-Tensorflow Certification Training
Through this Tensorflow certification training, participants will gain an understanding of Deep Learning which has empowered a lot of industries, including IT, healthcare, cybersecurity, agriculture, retail, and more. Participants will also learn how to use Machine Learning to develop ML-energized applications. To attend this 5-Day Tensorflow certification training, participants should have an understanding of Python programming language along with statistics, probability, and data science. The Tensorflow training course is ideal for data analysts, data engineers, aspiring Tensorflow certified professionals and more.

Who can take up Machine Learning Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from Machine Learning certification training courses are:
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Cloud Computing Professionals
  • Solutions Architects
  • Cloud Solution Architects
  • Enterprise Architects
  • IT Professionals
  • Cloud Administrators
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Software Developers
  • Programming Professionals
  • AI Developers
  • AI Designers
  • Anybody who needs a proper understanding of various Machine Learning concepts
  • Professionals looking to clear relevant Machine Learning certification exams

Reasons to choose Machine Learning Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  1. A wide range of Machine Learning courses across various learning paths and job roles to choose from
  2. Expert Machine Learning instructors with real-world expertise to help professionals understand the concepts of ML and its applications 
  3. Receive Machine Learning certification course materials along with hands-on lab sessions to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts and best practices
  4. Get Machine Learning training from a leading Microsoft Gold Partner and AWS Training Partner
  5. Flexibility to take up your Machine Learning certification training in both 4 hours/ day and 8 hours/ day options on weekdays and weekends 
  6. Customize Machine Learning certification courses according to individual learning and team requirements
  7. Machine Learning Practice tests and lab sessions to help you familiarize with the certification exam formats across vendors
  8. Your Machine Learning certification training can be taken across various delivery modes, and with blended learning, enterprises can now train teams across different locations simultaneously

Benefits of Machine Learning Certification Training

  1. Demonstrate your expertise in Machine Learning concepts such as Deep Learning, probability, statistical analysis, optimization, and mathematical modeling, 
  2. Understand what is supervised and unsupervised learning models are used to forecast and various predictions
  3. Machine Learning certified professionals are highly sought-after in enterprises across various industry sectors
  4. Machine Learning certified individuals receive better salary than any other professionals as there is the increased deployment of Machine Learning and AI solutions 
  5. Gain a comprehensive understanding of various Machine Learning systems and tools to create a next-gen enterprise with increased flexibility to adapt to next-gen emerging technologies
  6. Create a successful Machine Learning career path with widely-acknowledged ML Certification courses from Microsoft, AWS, and others 
  7. Be part of the new norm where data analysis is critical for enterprises to innovate and find new opportunities to cater to customer needs
  8. With relevant Machine Learning certification credentials, get newer job responsibilities according to your enhanced skillset

Machine Learning Certification Process

Below are the steps to become a Machine Learning certified professional:
  1. Pick a Machine Learning certification course from a wide portfolio of ML courses on offer from Koenig Solutions
  2. Select a Machine Learning certification training schedule and mode of delivery that suits your requirement
  3. Receive Machine Learning certification training pre-reading materials that include course agenda, practice tests, course preview, and hands-on lab sessions
  4. Attend the instructor-led Machine Learning Certification training with case study discussions and projects with data sets to incorporate ML concepts and techniques
  5. Take up Machine Learning sample tests to familiarize with the certification exam format
  6. Become one of the most sought-after professionals worldwide with industry-recognized Machine Learning certification credentials to take grow in your career

Salary prospects for Machine Learning Certified Professionals

Today, Machine Learning, along with AI, is proving to be a key strategic initiative for enterprises globally. Irrespective of the type and size of an organization, ML and AI are being embedded slowly to gain a critical understanding of the technology and how it can be used to create robust processes which have minimal human interference to minimize errors.  Machine Learning certification credentials are very popular in today’s time, as organizations are undergoing major transformation by incorporating all the latest emerging technologies to stay relevant in a competitive market. Let’s take a look at Machine Learning certified professionals’ salaries from around the world.

United States

USD 108,000 to USD 151,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 35,000 to 110,000


Rupees 5 lakhs to 15 lakhs 


AUD 59,000 to 130,000 


AED 200,000 to 352,000


SGD 68,000 to 110,000


Job Prospects for Machine Learning Certified Professionals

With the widespread adoption of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, enterprises are creating better software applications to predict accurate outcomes where computers learn automatically without or minimal human intervention. In such a scenario, the job prospects across the globe for Machine Learning certified professionals is at an all-time high, and any individual looking to take up Machine Learning certification training will stay on course towards a rewarding career path and future-proof their careers. Some of the top companies that are hiring Machine Learning certified professionals include Amazon, Wipro, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Curai, Citi, Waymo, Cognizant Technology Solutions, JP Morgan Chase, Northrop Grumman, Lenovo, and others.
You can check your local job portals to find Machine Learning job openings relevant to your region.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

Below is the cost of Machine Learning certification exams:

  • The cost for most of the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning certification exams is USD 165.
  • The cost for most of the AWS-related Machine Learning certification exams is USD 300.

Yes, Koenig Solutions is an approved training partner of Microsoft and AWS to deliver their Machine Learning courses along with in-house developed ML courses worldwide.

Machine Learning is a type of data analysis and data modelling, where it provides accuracy to almost 99.99% in terms of statistical analysis, probability, forecasting, and other criteria. Machine Learning is a subset of AI and learns from different data types, understands various patterns, and helps decision-making easy without human intervention. 
Today, Machine Learning is used across industry sectors and various processes and applications worldwide. Some of the critical processes or technologies where Machine Learning is used in search engines, digital marketing, healthcare, education, banking sector to detect fraud, mobile applications, voice recognition, facial recognition, social media, and other critical technologies.

Some of the popular Machine Learning Algorithms used are:
  • Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms – Where the algorithm searches for various patterns for the labels assigned within data points
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms – Here the labels are associated without any data points and groups into clusters
  • Reinforcement Machining Learning Algorithms – In this algorithm it uses actions based on data points and keeps bettering itself with newer strategies 

There are various vendors that offer different Machine Learning certification courses for various platforms and learning paths. Some of the popular Machine Learning certification courses are from the house of Microsoft Azure and AWS. Koenig Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Accredited AWS Training Partner to deliver their Machine Learning courses globally.

Different vendors have their own respective testing centers and online portals to take up their Machine Learning certification exams. Microsoft and AWS Machine Learning certification exams can be taken at Pearson Vue test centers.

Here also, it depends as to which governing body you are taking up the Machine Learning certification exam. Microsoft Azure-based Machine Learning certifications are valid for two years only. In comparison, the AWS-based Machine Learning certifications are valid for three years. To maintain a Machine Learning certification, a participant has to get recertified in the latest version of the certification to keep it current.