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In a day and age where mobile-based applications and searches are more prominent than any other medium, it makes sense for businesses to tap into the demand with a war-footed approach. In this regard, Mobile Development Certification and Training courses are in great demand globally. Especially Android and iOS-related mobile development certification training courses are some of the most sought-after professional courses for professionals across industry sectors.

At Koenig Solutions, we have carefully curated some of the best and industry-recognized mobile development training courses for students and professionals to learn new technologies, frameworks and concepts to gain a strong foothold in a mobile-based business landscape. Participants taking part in this Mobile Development certification course will gain a thorough knowledge of creating bespoke mobile applications, creating UI for mobile devices, and a better understanding of the latest Android and iOS platforms. Check out the list below to enrol in a mobile development course of your choice.

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A1. Simmi, really thank you so much for your time and effort you put into the training. It was super interesting. I really learned a lot.
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Popular Mobile Development Training and Certification Courses

There is a gradual increase year on year where more people and businesses rely on mobile devices to meet their needs. Previously where a website or desktop-based applications used to rule the roost, today, mobiles have been replaced as the primary source of information, and mobile apps have become the gold standard. Today, businesses are using various technologies to create innovative applications, and these are expanding and continuously improving at a faster pace than never before. Overall, now is an exciting time to be part of this ever-growing bandwagon of Mobile Development and learn the necessary skills to stay ahead in your career.

At Koenig Solutions, we understand the demand for mobile development training courses and have created a list of certification courses that are in great demand by employers worldwide. We offer nearly 20 Mobile Development certification courses for students and professionals to chart out a rewarding career path. Check out some of the popular Mobile Development courses below to enrol today.

  • Microsoft Power Automate for End Users 55268AC
  • Flutter Application Development
  • Java Fundamentals for Android Development
  • Android Application Testing
  • iOS Application Development using Swift

Who can take up Mobile Development Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from Mobile Development Certification training include, but are not limited to:

  • Software Developers
  • IT Professionals
  • Students
  • Programmers
  • Application Developers
  • Software Engineers
  • Java Developers
  • C++ Professionals
  • Aspiring Android Professionals
  • Aspiring iOS Professionals
  • Individuals want to gain knowledge of the latest Mobile Development Technologies
  • Individuals looking to take up relevant Mobile Development certification exams

Mobile Development Training Prerequisites

  • There are no prerequisites to taking up Mobile Development certification training courses. Anybody who is interested to learn about the latest technology in the mobile development space can be part of the training program.
  • However, if you are looking to take up intermediate or advanced level Mobile Development certification courses belonging to a particular governing body, then clearing foundation level certification will be mandatory.

Reasons to choose Mobile Development Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • A wide portfolio of Mobile Development courses that are ideal for students and other Android and iOS developers
  • Koenig Solution’s 25+ years of experience in training and certifying professionals in industry-recognized training programs
  • Get a thorough understanding of latest tech and developing feature-rich mobile applications using various technologies across platforms and devices
  • Kickstart your Mobile Development career with knowledge gained through industry-recognized  Mobile Development Certification Training
  • Expert Mobile Development instructors and hands-on exercises and lab sessions to help you gain a clear understanding of the concepts
  • Mobile Development certification course material prepared by SMEs with regular content updates
  • Co-participate with industry leaders and professionals from various industry sectors worldwide through Koenig Solution’s Mobile Development certification courses
  • Receive Mobile Development Certification training from an Accredited Training Partner
  • Learners have the option to take part in Mobile Development certification courses either through the classroom, live online, 1-to-1, or onsite training programs.
  • Candidates can take part in Mobile Development certification training programs as  4 hours per day and 8 hours per day options on weekdays and weekends, respectively.

Benefits of Mobile Development Certification Training

  1. Stay ahead of your counterparts and be industry-ready with Mobile Development certification credentials
  2. Gain a complete understanding of developing bespoke mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms using various technologies
  3. Learn how mobile apps are used to improve customer service, productivity, real-time services, and improve overall efficiency.
  4. Help businesses resolve complex challenges in their day-to-day activities through mobile applications
  5. Create robust services and products by building effective mobile applications across enterprise architecture to achieve seamless communication
  6. Demonstrate commitment towards your profession by earning Mobile Development certification, which is becoming a sought-after experience for various job roles.
  7. Receive higher salary packages across industry sectors for certified mobile application developers. Certified Mobile App Developers earn anywhere in the range of USD 64,000 to USD 120,000 per annum. 
  8. Gain an in-depth understanding of the latest technologies and platforms across Android and iOS by taking up Mobile Development certification courses
  9. Be part of the new norm by embracing Mobile Development knowledge and skills where the App revenue growth is touching upwards of 200+ billion dollars in yearly revenue.

Mobile Development Certification Process

There are various ways through which one can become a Mobile Development Certified Professional; some of the key steps include:

  • Select relevant Mobile Development Online training of your choice from any location
  • Make the payment for a Mobile Development Online Training
  • Prepare for the actual Mobile Development training by going through various resources provided by Koenig Solutions
  • After completing your Mobile Development certification course, you can prepare for the actual exam by taking up various sample practice tests available on the Qubits platform
  • Apply for your Mobile Development certification exam on the official website or get the exam voucher from Koenig Solutions
  • Take part in the official Mobile Development exam and clear on your first attempt


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

  • Essential skills required:
    • Understanding of software design
    • Knowledge of software development process and lifecycle
    • Understanding of some development methods such as Agile or Scrum
    • Proficiency in programming languages such as Java or Python
  • Pursuing a training course for a mobile app development platform such as Android or iOS
  • Apply for a suitable job position

The average salary of a Mobile Application Developer is $72,026 per year, as per a survey conducted by PayScale.

To become an iOS App Developer, an individual must own a Mac or an iPhone. The steps include:

  • Learn to code - The most common language used by iOS developers is Swift.
  • Learn the iOS platform and iOS design principles
  • Become proficient in Source Code Control Management (preferably Gits)
  • Gain expertise in iOS tools like Xcode and Mockplus
  • Prepare an iOS app and upload it to Github
  • Publish your app on App store
  • Update your resume and apply for suitable job offers

The skills that a mobile app developer must possess include:

  • Ability to build high quality user interface (UI)
  • Knowledge of multiple operation platforms
  • Understanding of backend computing that may involve security concerns, database management, hardware interaction and implementation of memory allocation
  • Knowledge of modern programming languages
  • Troubleshoot issues with applications
  • Effective communication skills

Mobile Application Development involves a set of techniques used to write software for small and wireless computing devices such as tablets and smartphones. In other words, it is a process by which a mobile application is developed for mobile devices. These applications are preinstalled on devices during the manufacturing or provided as web applications using server-side or client-side processing.

Mobile App Developers:

  • Code, test, debug, monitor and document changes in mobile apps.
  • Implement APIs to support mobile functionality.
  • Recognize the needs of customers and clients, and update the apps.
  • Migrate existing and ongoing web applications to the current or leading mobile platforms.

Android app development course teaches you how to build a variety of apps and introduces you to some more complex features. The course also enables you to gain expertise in Android architecture including activities, user interfaces, controls, layouts, services, and multimedia APIs.

The required skills can be categorized into technical and non-technical. Technical skills:   Expertise in Java Programming Proficiency in the Android SDK and Android Studio Working knowledge with APIs Back-end Skills Non-technical skills: Passion for developing apps Collaboration and Communication skills Knowledge of good design Critical thinking for better decision making

Mobile Application Technology refers to the tools and techniques used to develop apps for either a specific platform or multiple platforms.

The technology includes programming languages such as:

  • Swift
  • C++
  • Java
  • HTML5
  • PHP

The tools that help you get started with Mobile App Development include:

  • PhoneGap
  • Appcelerator
  • RhoMobile
  • WidgetPad
  • MoSync