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PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced and widely-used open-source database systems available in the market today. The platform has been in the market for more than twenty years, and the open-source community has been working on it continuously and developing it to meet the demands of an evolving business landscape. The team of developers working in this community is dedicated to improving it and bringing upgrades with each release. PostgreSQL certification training courses are designed to train learners in the different levels of expertise at managing the PostgreSQL platform. 


The PostgreSQL certification is in high demand because the open-source platform is very advanced and used by many large corporations around the world. It acts as a primary database for many web applications, so knowledge on how to operate it can be very useful for one’s career. Check out some of the popular PostgreSQL certification courses to enrol today.


PostgreSQL Courses

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PostgreSQL Certification and Training Courses 

The PostgreSQL platform supports SQL and JSON querying and is widely used in the development of web applications, mobile applications, and analytics applications. Originally PostGre was only operational on UNIX-like platforms, but now it has evolved to include platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Solaris as well.
The open-source application also supports multiple popular programming languages such as Python, C, C+, Java, JavaScript, and more. It is a sophisticated tool used by enterprises around the world because of its easily scalable and approachable features. A certification training course in PostgreSQL can help learners build on their skill set and evolve them to meet today’s demands. Every release comes with new features that the certification training course modules cover, so the certificate holders also have the opportunity to continue learning to keep their certification valid and stay updated on the current trends in technology and support. 
Companies such as Apple , Cisco , Instagram, and others use the PostgreSQL platform to develop their applications. This is why PostgreSQL certification courses are considered to be a viable and lucrative career option. Some of the most popular PostgreSQL certification training courses available are listed below.

Popular PostgreSQL Certification and Training Courses 


PostgreSQL Database Administration Certification Training Course

The PostgreSQL Database Administration certification training course is for those professionals who want to learn more about the administration tools provided by PostgreSQL. Certificate holders learn how to manage various administrative tasks using the tool, such as configuration and maintenance using PostgreSQL, the architecture of the platform, installing PostgreSQL, monitoring its operations, and more. They also learn how to move data within the database as well as how to complete backups and data recovery. 
The PostgreSQL Database Administration certification training course covers all the fundamental database administration concepts so that learners have complete knowledge on how to run and operate the PostgreSQL platform. It is a foundational certification training course that covers all the core concepts candidates would need to know to become successful database administrators using PostgreSQL.
Students learn about the basic PostgreSQL architecture, the configuration of the PostgreSQL server, controlling access to the server, ways in which they can create and manage databases, and more. The certification training course also covers topics under database administration such as performing different actions on different tables, writing scripts, utilizing schemas, server security and its management, improving performance, and overall maintenance of the server.

PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server Certification Training Course

The PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server certification training course takes database administration to a whole new level. This open-source platform is designed to work with large-scale enterprises so that PostgreSQL can keep up with the evolving demands that come with today’s technology. This tool offers compatibility with Oracle operations and its tools so they can increase the value they can get from their implemented Oracle tools.
The certification training course teaches learners how to use the more advanced tool in order to improve their overall performance, increase the scalability and improve the security level of the PostgreSQL platform. The tool provides learners to build on their existing knowledge of database administration and implement the upgrades into their working technologies. This tool is regarded as the most secure open-source platform available today, making it a viable certification to opt for.
Those who have completed the PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server certification training course have the knowledge and capability to leverage advanced open source databases and their technologies for large companies. The course structure involves students learning how to build stable architecture environments, ways in which they can create and manage databases, ways of configuration, strategies to recover from disasters and threats materializing, and more. Learners also gain more insight into the various database administration tools available. 

PostgreSQL Database Developer Certification Training Course

The PostgreSQL Database Developer certification training course is for developers who want to learn how to write queries using the open-source platform and use it to write code in the language. The certification training course includes course material such as creation and alteration of tables, usage, and operation of data types, updating data from the tables, the constraints that come with PostgreSQL, and more.
The certification training course is also inclusive of topics such as how to work with indexes, how to optimize your code with SQL, different window functions, triggers, and rules, extensions, foreign data wrappers, among many others. The PostgreSQL Database Developer certification training course is for SQL developers who want to know more about using PostgreSQL for their web, mobile, and application development.

Querying PostgreSQL Databases Certification Training Course

The Querying PostgreSQL Databases certification training course is an intermediate training program in which learners gain more knowledge on querying with SQL using the PostgreSQL platform. The course involves learning how to work with different data types in-depth, working with type conversions, joins, group and aggregation, functions, and more. Candidates of the certification also learn about querying metadata, what DML is, and more about Indexes and Collations.

Who Can Take Up PostgreSQL Certification Training?

There are many different job profiles that can benefit from completing a certification training course in PostgreSQL. Some of the job roles include the following:
  • Software engineer
  • DevOps engineer
  • DevOps developer
  • Data engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Database administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Security consultant
  • Security analyst
  • Systems administrator
  • IT manager
  • Java developer
  • Stack developer
  • Python developer
  • Anybody who wants to understand PostgreSQL concepts and terms
  • Anybody who wants to clear their relevant PostgreSQL certification exams

Reasons to choose PostgreSQL Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • A wide portfolio of PostgreSQL certification courses provided for learners across categories under one roof
  • Expert PostgreSQL trainers with real-world job and consulting experience to help professionals gain an in-depth understanding of the open-source platform
  • Get access to accredited PostgreSQL certification training materials with hands-on practical lab sessions and case-study discussions
  • Get PostgreSQL Certification training from an accredited training partner
  • Get the options to choose from 8 hours/ day or 4 hours/ day for your PostgreSQL training courses 
  • Option to customize your PostgreSQL training courses according to your learning needs and business requirements
  • PostgreSQL sample test papers to get the hang of different certification exam formats
  • Take up your PostgreSQL certification training across multiple learning modes that include live online, classroom, 1-on-1, and on-site training

Benefits of PostgreSQL Certification Training

There are a lot of benefits of completing a certification training course in PostgreSQL, such as:
  • Certified professionals meet the increasing demand within the IT industry
  • Certified professionals with PostgreSQL training get paid a higher salary as compared to their non-certified counterparts
  • Candidates stay updated on the latest updates in the open-source platform and become a part of the global community
  • Certified professionals also have the chance to upskill themselves and grow their resume to make them look more attractive to potential employers and recruiters
  • Validate your knowledge gained through PostgreSQL training to implement it across multiple OS platforms
  • Become eligible for the most sought-after job roles in the IT industry with PostgreSQL certification credentials under your belt 
  • Create a successful PostgreSQL career path with widely-acknowledged PostgreSQL certification courses 
  • Get ready to join the bigger PostgreSQL open-source community across the globe

Salary prospects for PostgreSQL Certified Professionals

PostgreSQL certified professionals are in high demand globally as enterprises use business intelligence applications for data analysis which need faster read and write speeds. The PostgreSQL certification credentials are quite popular among both professionals and enterprises across industry sectors. Let’s take a look at PostgreSQL certified professionals’ salaries worldwide.


United States

USD 110,000 to USD 160,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 42,000 to 65,000


Rupees 3 lakhs to 20 lakhs 


AUD 49,000 to 110,000 


AED 177,000 to 350,000


SGD 60,000 to 87,000


Job Prospects for PostgreSQL Certified Professionals

As enterprises are using PostgreSQL due to its versatility as it is built using an object-relational model, supports a lot of complex structures, and has a host of user-defined data types. As PostgreSQL is trusted for its data integrity, more and more enterprises are using it, and PostgreSQL certified professionals are in great demand globally. Some of the major companies that are hiring PostgreSQL certified professionals include Dell, Magrabbit, Vail Systems, Intone Networks, Xylem, Amadeus, OPIE Software, StraitSys, Deloitte, KLDiscovery, Frost Bank, and more.
For jobs in your region, do check out your local job portals to find relevant job opportunities for PostgreSQL certified professionals.
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A2. In such a small time as per my time availability, everything is arranged so nicely and perfectly. Thanks to Mr. Chinmay who considered my request and was ready to help me even after midnight. Koenig is just very good and I would like to take some more training in the future as long as my finances allow me. Thanks.


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Below are the steps to become a PostgreSQL certified professional:
  • Choose a relevant course a wide range of PostgreSQL certification training program from Koenig Solutions 
  • Select a PostgreSQL training schedule and the training delivery mode that suits your requirement
  • Receive course materials provided for the PostgreSQL training courses to begin your preparation for the training program 
  • Attend the instructor-led PostgreSQL certification training with hands-on lab sessions 
  • Take as many as PostgreSQL training sample tests to gain a proper understanding of the certification exam format
  • Become a PostgreSQL Certified Professional to take your career to the next level

Candidates have the option to visit training centers to complete their PostgreSQL Database Administration certification training course, or they can opt to do the course online as well.

Yes, Koenig Solutions is an accredited training partner to deliver PostgreSQL certification training worldwide.

The PostgreSQL Database Administration certification training course is eligible for both beginners as well as those with some experience in database administration. Since it is a foundational course, both newcomers and aspiring database administrators can benefit from the PostgreSQL training.

Participants taking part in their PostgreSQL certification training will receive:
  • A copy of the PostgreSQL certification course material
  • Pre-reading materials for PostgreSQL certification training in exam and course syllabus, practice test questions and answers, and case studies
  • Industry-recognized course completion certificate from an accredited training partner

No, it is not necessary to complete the PostgreSQL Database Administration certification training course to be eligible for the PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server certification training course, but it is recommended.

Participants can take up their PostgreSQL certification training through four different learning modes that include classroom, on-site, 1-on-1, and live online training.

The only prerequisites needed for this course include having basic knowledge of relational databases and of Windows or Linux as operating systems.

There are a few prerequisites required to be eligible for the  PostgreSQL Database Developer certification training course, which includes having previous structured programming knowledge and some work experience in the field. They also need to know the basics of using the PostgreSQL platform and have knowledge on how to operate it on Windows or Linux.