PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation and Practitioner Certification and Training course

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PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation & Practitioner Course Overview

PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a structured project management methodology primarily used in the public sector in the United Kingdom and Europe. It has since been adopted by many countries and organizations to help manage projects on a global scale. The 6th edition of the PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner course is designed to help individuals learn how to apply the principles, processes and themes of the PRINCE2® methodology to ensure successful delivery and completion of projects.
The PRINCE2® 6th edition Foundation & Practitioner course is composed of two distinct sections: Foundation and Practitioner. The Foundation syllabus covers core PRINCE2® principles, themes and processes, and is for anyone who needs to understand the basics of the method. It is a necessary prerequisite for those wishing to take the Practitioner course.
The Practitioner course focuses on the practical application of the method rather than the theory, teaching participants how to effectively manage projects using the PRINCE2® tools. It prepares participants for the challenging PRINCE2® Practitioner exam, which assesses their understanding and application of the method. Successful completion of the exam yields a practitioner certification, which is recognized globally.


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You will learn:

Module 1: Introduction
  • The structure of PRINCE2
  • What PRINCE2 does not provide
  • What makes a project a ‘PRINCE2 project’?
  • The purpose of this manual
  • What is a project?
  • What is project management?
  • What is it we wish to control?
  • What does a project manager do?
  • Projects in context
  • Applying PRINCE2
  • Continued business justification
  • Learn from experience
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Manage by stages
  • Manage by exception
  • Focus on products
  • Tailor to suit the project
  • Tailoring PRINCE2
  • Adopting PRINCE2
  • Tailoring PRINCE2 to suit different projects
  • Adopting PRINCE2 in an organizational environment
  • Tailoring the themes
  • Format of the theme chapters
  • The business case theme
  • PRINCE2’s requirements for the business case
  • Guidance for effective business case management
  • Techniques: investment appraisal
  • The organization theme
  • PRINCE2’s requirements for organization
  • Guidance for effective project organization
  • The quality theme
  • PRINCE2’s requirements for quality
  • Guidance for effective quality management
  • Technique: recommended quality review technique
  • The plans theme
  • PRINCE2’s requirements for the plans theme
  • Guidance for effective planning
  • Techniques: prioritization, estimation and scheduling
  • The risk theme
  • PRINCE2’s requirements for risk management
  • Guidance for effective risk management
  • Technique: recommended risk management procedure
  • The change theme
  • PRINCE2’s approach to change
  • Guidance for effective change control
  • Technique: recommended issue and change control procedure
  • The progress theme
  • PRINCE2’s requirements for managing progress
  • Guidance for effective progress management
  • Techniques: progress evaluation and peer review
  • The PRINCE2 journey
  • The PRINCE2 process model
  • Structure of the process chapters
  • Tailoring the processes
  • Purpose
  • Objective
  • Context
  • Activities
  • Tailoring guidelines
  • Purpose
  • Objective
  • Context
  • Activities
  • Tailoring guidelines
  • Purpose
  • Objective
  • Context
  • Activities
  • Tailoring guidelines
  • Purpose
  • Objective
  • Context
  • Activities
  • Tailoring guidelines
  • Purpose
  • Objective
  • Context
  • Activities
  • Tailoring guidelines
  • Purpose
  • Objective
  • Context
  • Activities
  • Tailoring guidelines
  • Purpose
  • Objective
  • Context
  • Activities
  • Tailoring guidelines
  • Tailoring PRINCE2 for an organization
  • Embedding PRINCE2 in the organization
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Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for attending PRINCE2 6th Edition Foundation & Practitioner Training. However, attending the Foundation certification is a prerequisite for the practitioner course. Ideally, participants should have some prior exposure to project management or PRINCE2 before attending the Practitioner course. Those attending the Practitioner course should also have a good knowledge of the PRINCE2 terminology, as some of the topics covered in the course will assume a prior understanding of project management terms.

Target Audience


  • The PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation & Practitioner training is ideal for project managers, team leaders, project support staff, project board members and any other people associated with project management
  • Especially those working in finance and IT, digital services and new product development
  • The training is also suitable for those seeking to learn and understand the fundamentals of project management techniques
  • It can also serve as an excellent refresher course for those already familiar with PRINCE2
  • The techniques and processes learned can be applied in any industry or sector such as healthcare, engineering, education, manufacturing, construction and more
  • No matter what your background is, PRINCE2 can help you learn to successfully manage any type of project and stay on top of its progress



Learning Objectives of PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation & Practitioner

• Understand the structure, core principles, and management products of a PRINCE2 6th Edition project.
• Recognize and explain the roles, responsibilities, and organization of a PRINCE2 6th Edition project.
• Identify the seven processes and how they interact, plus the key rules each process must follow.
• Be able to explain applicable themes and how they fit into project management.
• Understand the PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation and Practitioner examinations and registration process.
• Demonstrate the ability to tailor the method and successfully use it in their environment.
• Be able to explain the connection to other project management methods.
• Be able to interpret best practices and how to successfully apply it in real world projects.



Student Name Feedback
Jean Pierre Kouame
United States
A1. The trainer is really good and knowledgable. He is taking time first to explain on a whiteboard and then later we go through the documenty, and it is a very good method for the student. He gives time to the student to have is feedback.
Kekuta Kandeh
United States
The training is very informative and the trainer is very knowledgeable on the subject matter. However, no training materials were made available to me. I could only see the course content but no access to the materials.
Kalamatila Ngoi
United States
A1. Excellent delivery.
Frank Kalemba
United States
A1. He is an informed/prepared, well vested trainer and a an excellent presenter
Diarra Lamine
United States
A1. I learnt new knowledges from the training, naimely the cycle of project with awareness about the necessity of controlling your project. I could talk about risk management cycle
Djibril Kaba
United States
A1. To keep it up! Very knowledgeable, available and patient during the last 4 sessions
Blerina Shamolli
United States
A1. I am myself a trainer for Public Procurement and in addition to the benefits of the course and the certificate, I also benefited from the way of training from the trainer Mr. Piyush Bhatia who gave me maximum impact and the best one than the book itself.
Yawo Daye
United States
A2. Very professional in terms of customer care and learning as well
Mary Jane Ncube
United States
A2. The training methodology is easy to follow even for a beginner and there is an incredible support system
Anupama Sabu
United States
A2. Koenig was very professional in conducting the sessions.
Revadala Shivakumar
United States
A1. Yeah his way of teaching was very nice. But unfortunately i haven't attended for entire course.. i have missed 4 to 5 classes due to my health issue (infected with Covid 19). However, will go through recorder sessions. Thanks.
Ujjwal Kumar
United States
A2. Overall very good experience with Koenig having been taken the training for the first time.
Kishore Kumar
United States
A1. Deepak is really a knowledgeable trainer , who did not complicated the session , infact it was easy and understandable the way the session were conducted .. Would really like to have him in any of future training as well
Kishore Kumar P
United States
A1. Deepak is really a knowledgeable trainer , who did not complicated the session , infact it was easy and understandable the way the session were conducted .. Would really like to have him in any of future training as well
Samson Mshelia
United States
A2. Outstanding Professionals


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