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With the world completely shifting to a tech-driven industry where everything is done online, and confidential data is stored in the cloud, risks of cybercrimes have also increased. This is why companies hire certified Security professionals to address increased cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities across sectors. Data siphoning, phishing, and malware attacks have become the norm lately and having a resolute and safe IT architecture has become of paramount importance for enterprises worldwide.

Security Certification Training courses are equipped with practical knowledge of various security aspects. They help you learn the tools and technology in less time so you can effortlessly clear the certification exam. Koenig Solutions’ Security Certification Courses help you get a better understanding of legal requirements, privacy policies, cloud environment auditing, etc. You hone your skills by referring to various case studies exclusively added to these IT Security courses for subtle knowledge. 

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Popular IT Security Certification Training Courses

Security certification training courses will allow you to learn to employ and test various hacking techniques like reverse engineering, network penetration testing, etc. You will also get hands-on experience in the auditing process of the cloud environment, securing the IT department and crucial data of the firm and promoting a safe online experience. 

Candidates will gain familiarity with the various basics of maintaining security and protecting the company’s crucial information from phishing and hacking attacks. Once you have completed one of our IT Security courses, you will have better chances of landing a job of your choice in this domain by clearing the security specialist certification exam. 

We at Koenig Solutions offer some of the best industry-recognized Security certification courses to help professionals get a thorough understanding of a hold of fundamentals and expand their cybersecurity and data protection skills. Our IT Security training courses are available in 4 different learning modes, including online training, classroom training 1-on1- training, and corporate onsite training. 

Once you have completed the course by going through all the modules and finishing the training, you will know the various tactics for protecting your data, connections, and network. You will also have immense knowledge to pass the certification exam. Our IT Security courses help you acquire essential cyber security skills like vulnerability analysis, web application security, penetration testing, reconnaissance and information gathering, etc. Enrol in a Security training course of your choice to stand out from others during a job interview. 

Who can take up IT Security Certification Training Courses?

Job roles that can take up our Security Certification Training Courses include, but are not just limited to:

  • IT professionals
  • Security architects
  • Cyber security experts
  • Cryptographers
  • Security officers
  • Cyber security engineers
  • IT personnel, managers, and developers are aiming to expand their knowledge of cyber security. 
  • Candidates who want to pass the relevant Security certification exam 

Security Certification Training Prerequisites

  • There are no eligibility criteria or prerequisites to sit for beginner-level Security certification training courses.
  • But, if candidates are looking to sit for intermediate and advanced level Security certification training courses, then they should have relevant experience in the Security domain and should hold foundation-level certification credentials.

Reasons to choose IT Security Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • A comprehensive range of 250+ Security Certification courses to choose from across governing bodies and categories for professionals and enterprise teams.
  • Through Security training courses, students and professionals can get a complete understanding of maintaining security and protecting the company’s crucial information from phishing and hacking attacks.
  • Koenig Solutions has a global pool of expert Security instructors across various governing bodies with real-world knowledge and experience across industry sectors globally.
  • With the Security certification online training program, professionals will learn various aspects of protecting enterprise data, connections and securing networks.  
  • The Security certification courses belonging to industry-recognized governing bodies such as Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper, Linux Academy, AWS, VMware, ISC2, ISACA, PECB, and more are delivered in one place.
  • By taking the Security certification training from Koenig Solutions, you will demonstrate your knowledge of the latest and evolving security threats in an organization and bag opportunities across the globe with higher salary remuneration
  • Participants can take up these popular Security certification training through various learning modes that include classroom, live online, 1-to-1, or onsite training.
  • Enterprises can train their workforce in the latest Security certification training program through the blended learning approach, where multiple remote teams can be trained at the same time across learning modes that they are comfortable in.

Benefits of Security Certification Training

  • Know the different tools and technologies crucial for promoting online security.
  • A certified security officer or professional gets a better salary as compared to candidates with no certification. The average salary of a cyber security officer in the US is $126,710, as per
  • These courses are designed to help you devise strategies that keep online data safe and prevent data breaches and other security issues.  
  • By taking security certification training courses, you will earn a high-paying job in the field of your choice since companies in almost all industries require security officers. 
  • Your resume stands out from the crowd with a certification. This increases your chances of getting the job of your choice. 
  • You gain knowledge on conforming to the basic standards of data security and maintaining an ethical atmosphere of data security and cloud environment protection. 
  • The courses expand your area of expertise through professional teaching, hands-on practical projects, and case studies. This gives you a piece of more extensive knowledge and a higher understanding of the subject. 


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Networks are the backbone of IT system in any organization. Rampant attacks on a network can occur in any form like virus, malware, spyware, and even physical hacking. In our security training courses, we cover a wide array of network security issues and their solutions. Our security certification training courses on EC- Council Cast, ISC2, and CompTIA, etc. are designed to skilled network security professionals.

As would be learned in the security training courses, a server provides a wide ranging internal and external services in an organization and mostly remain responsible for the transfer of data through the internet and intranet. Hence, its security is always a priority for the system and network administrators. Highest levels of professional knowledge are mandatory for keeping a server secured and our security certification training courses are made to impart that professional training.

With the rapid proliferation of the mobile internet, the security aspect of data transferred through the mobile phones or preserved in the mobile memory and apps is a major concern these days. Varieties of security software are now available which you can learn from our security certification training courses. The purpose of these security training courses like provided by EC-Council Cast, CompTIA, Cisco, etc. helps to learn how to develop the most authentic mobile application security.

System security means the security of the operating system that runs a computer or the network as a whole. As the system handles the data used in a computer and remains responsible for transference of data within the network or outside it the administrators need in-depth knowledge on system security which is efficiently provided in our security certification training courses. We have developed security training courses on EC-Council CAST, CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, ISC2, etc.

Web application security is the deals with the security system that is required while browsing the internet, accessing a website, or transferring data in the web. Our security certification training courses are designed to gain professional knowledge on web application security. These security training courses are developed on different platforms like Microsoft, Cisco, EC-Council CAST, etc. which are the best platform and extremely popular.