Terms Of Service

Certification Insurance

  • Koenig will pay your 2nd attempt if you fail 1st attempt
  • Cost of 1st attempt is not paid
  • Qubits score >80%
  • Must be purchased before start of the class
  • Must be availed within three months of end of training

Customer Success Agreement

Your success is our success. Following is the simple understanding between Koenig and customers to help us both succeed.

  • In case a student is not satisfied with the delivery of service, the maximum amount refundable is limited to the course fee. Koenig is not responsible for consequential losses.
  • Refunds or credit notes are claimable upto one year of payment.

All classes are recorded for commercial use as Flexi. You can opt out from recording of class on request. Students are provided recording of the class.

Only for Classroom Training

  • Koenig is not responsible in the case of an accident or injury. Please have the necessary insurance in place.
  • Koenig follows a Bring Your Own Laptop policy. This is both environment and user friendly.

7 Days or Free

  • The course will be free if we are not able to start within 7 days of booking.
  • Only applicable for courses on which this logo appears.

Koenig will be liable to claim the cancellation fee of 50% of the total purchase amount if the training is cancelled or re-scheduled 10 or less days before the start of the training. Additionally, the same training cannot be re-scheduled more than once at any given point in time.